Following are names of candidates for Officer and Director positions for the LWVWC Board to serve beginning at Annual Meeting May 18, 2017 for the length of term specified, with the exception of the Treasurer whose term ‪begins July 1, 2017‬.


President:   Margaret Jennings 2 year term (2017-2019)
Vice-President: *  Open1 year term (2017-2018)
Secretary/Treasurer:  ** Ken Hanawalt 2 year term (2017-2018)   Secretary Open* 2 year term (2017-2018)


Kate Blaker 1 year term (2017-2018)
Open* 1 year term (2017-2018)
Donna Riggle 2 year term (2017-2019)
Raina Ripple 2 year term (2017-2019)

Nominating Committee  2017-2018

Three off-board members are to be elected to a one-year term. Two board members will be appointed to a one-year term following the Annual Meeting for a total of five Nominating Committee members.
Nominated as committee members to be elected:
Joyce Blackburn
Jean Spoeri
One position open

Nancy Fitch 1 year remaining on term

*Indicates position has not been filled.
** Nominee will serve as an off-board member.