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Federal Information Center: 1-800-FED-INFO           www.usa.gov


President  (4 year term)
Salary: $400,000

Barack Obama – D – 2016

Switchboard: (202)-456-1414
Comments: (202)-456-1111
1600 Pennsylvania Ave. NW, Washington, DC, 20500

Web: http://www.whitehouse.gov

Vice President  (4 year term)
Salary: $235,300

Joe Biden – D – 2016

Web: http://www.whitehouse.gov

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US Senator  (6 year term)
Salary: $174,000

Patrick J. Toomey – R – 2016

Address: 248 Russell Senate Office Bldg., Washington, DC 20510
Local office: 100 W. Station Square Dr., Pittsburgh, PA 15219
Web: http://www.toomey.senate.gov
DC Phone: (202)-224-4254
DC Fax: (202)-228-0284
Pgh. Phone: (412)-803-3501
Pgh. Fax: (412)-803-3504

Robert P. Casey, Jr. – D – 2018

Address: 393 Russell Senate Office Bldg., Washington, D.C. 20510
Local office: 310 Grant St., Suite 2415, Pittsburgh, PA 15219
Email: contact via web page 
Web: http://www.casey.senate.gov
DC Phone: (202)-224-6324;  toll free: (866)-802-2833 
DC Fax: (202)-224-6324 
Pgh. Phone: (412)-803-7370 
Pgh. Fax: (412)-803-7379

US Representative  (2 year term)
Salary: $174,000

 US House District 9

Bill Shuster – R- 2016

Address: 2268 Rayburn HOB, Washington, D.C. 20515
DC Phone: (202)-225-2431
DC Fax: (202)-225-2486
Web:  http://shuster.house.gov

District Wash. Co. portion: Allenport; Bentleyville; California; Carroll; Centerville; Charleroi; Coal Center; Donora; Dunlevy; E. Bethlehem; Elco; Fallowfield precincts 1, 2 (except block 1030 of tract 781700), 3, 4; Long Branch; Monongahela; New Eagle; N. Charleroi; Roscoe; Speers; Stockdale; Twilight; W. Brownsville.

US House District 18

Tim Murphy – R – 2016

DC Office: 2332 Rayburn House Office Building,  Washington, DC 20515
Pgh Office: 504 Washington Rd., Pittsburgh, PA 15228
DC Phone: (202) 225-2301 Fax: (202) 225-1844
Pgh. Phone: (412)-344-5583   Pgh. Fax: (412)-429-5092
Email: via web
Web: http://www.murphy.house.gov

District Wash. Co. portion: Amwell; Beallsville; Blaine; Buffalo; Burgettstown; Canonsburg; Canton; Cecil; Chartiers; Claysville; Cokeburg;Cross Creek; Deemston; Donegal; E. Finley; E. Washington; Ellsworth; Fallowfield precinct 2 (block 1030 of track 781700 only); Finleyville; Green Hills; Hanover; Hopewell; Houston; Independence; Jefferson; McDonald; Marianna; Midway; Morris; Mt. Pleasant; N. Bethlehem; N. Franklin;  N. Strabane; Nottingham; Peters; Robinson; Smith; Somerset; S. Franklin; S. Strabane; Union; Washington; W. Bethlehem; W. Finley; W. Middletown; W. Pike Run.

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US Supreme Court

Web: http://www.supremecourt.gov

Chief Justice
Salary: $258,100

John G. Roberts, Jr.

Associate Justices
Salary: $246,800

Antonin Scalia

Anthony M. Kennedy

Clarence Thomas

Ruth Bader Ginsburg

Stephen G. Breyer

Samuel Anthony Alito, Jr.

Sonia Sotomayor

Elena Kagan

Other Federal courts: